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Dear Solopreneur,

Jessica Riverson


Almost every person has experienced what I call “money drama” at least once in their life but more likely many times over.  And I believe everyone wants to BREAK FREE FROM  SELF-SABOTAGING MONEY HABITS.  But it’s not always about debt or credit cards, rather it’s really about deep “stuff” that blocks us from having integrity with our money and having a good relationship with spending, earning and saving money.   


Do you ever feel guilty after a purchase?  Well, wouldn’t you like to know that you can make Deposits to your Self Worth Account WITHOUT making constant withdrawls from your BANK ACCOUNT too? 


Or do you give, give and give either with your time, energy or money?  C’mon you know if you’re that person… This can often be a challenge around boundaries… 


You see, in the Money Breakthrough Method (MBM) we talk about a paradigm that goes like this:


How you Do Money is How you Do Everything.

Now you might be thinking “Impossible!”  But really think about this for a moment.  What if this statement is true?  How you do money is how you do everything Mmmmm.  Well that would mean if you give, give and give until you can give no more then you not only do that with money but also with love or your time or energy and you might being feeling burnt out most of the time. 


Or maybe you’re a real saver, which is such a positive trait, but the flip side is that you’re often worried or concerned about not having enough and you’re afraid to take risks.  Maybe your business can only grow so big because you’re not willing to take risks.  


You see these are just a few examples but there are many.  Depending on your “money type,” which we identify in the MBM course, you probably have a plethora of circumstances where the statement “how you do money is how you do everything” is evidently true.  And it’s fascinating!  There are 5 money types you’ll learn about:  Security, Status, Value, Love & Recognition.  These motivate our money behavior. 


There is no better time than now to heal your “icky” Money Drama once and for all and get OFF the money HAMSTERWHEEL of FEAR, GUILT, DEBT and DRAMA.  


This concept of “money” is SO intertwined with our self worth, self image, our earning potential AND our perceived value in the world that by clearing the clutter and limiting beliefs around this topic you can’t help but have a BIG BREAKTHROUGH. 

Here is what my amazing clients are saying about working with me!



"I thought like a POOR person."


Mika Willa
“I thought like a POOR person. I was always ‘there is never enough, I can’t have enough, I don’t have enough, woe is me’. And that was no matter how much money we had. Before working with Jessica, I didn’t feel capable of earning lots of money because I didn’t feel I was worthy of it. There are some people in my organization who are making $10,000 per month. And I used to say there is no way I could do that. I had every excuse in the book and NOW I’m starting to feel better about myself and I’m thinking there is no way that I can NOT earn that if I just apply myself.”


Miki Willa Wellness Coach & Retired Teacher


"Now I feel EMPOWERED to talk with people about money."


“Before Jessica’s money breakthrough program, I felt bad having to remind folks about money they owed me, whether in business or personal relationships. Now I feel empowered to talk with people about money, and I don't feel guilty about it. Plus, I don't carry the residual bad feelings that I used to carry around, that can poison those relationships that have money exchanges. Thanks again for helping me to see how I was holding myself back! And thanks for this last training call. It was eye opening!”


Page Gehrke - www.pagingpage.com


"I Totally Get it Now!"


Stefanie Haugen
“Wow! Jessica... Ever since I took your course, and I track my daily income, daily expenditures and working on my affirmations on my money type card, I have been attracting so much into my life.... WOW is all I can say. I recommend that every woman take Jessica's course. But not just take it.... Do some of the action steps daily and watch how this attracts prosperity into your life. I am only doing 3 things daily from Jessica's program. Imagine what would happen if I did 4 or 7?? WOW AGAIN!! Thank you Jessica. You changed my life. I am forever grateful!! I TOTALLY get it now!”


Dr. Stefanie Haugen, www.drlorge.com

As you can tell just from these testimonials, we have so many feelings and beliefs that are perpetuated and create situations where we are afraid to talk to debtors, talk to spouses and even talk to clients about a little ole thing called M.O.N.E.Y!  And sometimes we don't give ourselves PERMISSION to make more money because we fear we'll disempower someone else.  Or maybe they'll be jealous!  It effects every aspect of our lives really!  


Well, are YOU ready for a MONEY BREAKTHROUGH?


First, there are five money modules:   


  MODULE # ONE:  Healing Your Family Money Legacy 

  MODULE # TWO:  Forgiving Debt and other Guilty Money Issues from the Past 

  MODULE # THREE:  Creating Accountability and Action 

  MODULE # FOUR:  Claiming Your Money Power 

  MODULE # FIVE:   Revealing your Sacred relationship with Money

 NEXT, you’ll experience THE MONEY BREAKTHROUGH METHOD (1 hour coaching session with me): 

The MBM method is an elegant process of 7 questions designed to guide you through any money challenge you may be having either with another person or with your own personal or business finances.  This is your opportunity to be coached 1:1 by me and have your own MONEY BREAKTHROUGH. 

BONUSES: Along with the 5 modules PLUS your 1:1 coaching session with me, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:


There are actually 5 money types.  Each beautifully illustrated card front and back, will help you uncover YOUR specific money type, give you tips on how to stop the draining money cycle you may be in and breakthrough the challenges it presents.  You’ll also learn the special “gift” that lies within each money type and how to use it to your advantage!

Clearing Your Money Clutter


This recorded call is awesome!  You’ll be able to immediately begin shifting your MONEY MINDSET, your ENERGY and relationship with money.  All of my clients have MAJOR breakthroughs just from listening to the material in this call and then “clearing the money clutter” they have in their homes, wallets, bank accounts and relationships.  You’ll be able to listen to it over and over until you’ve mastered each step. 



●  Downloadable handouts and templates to help you release Debt and Stay on track for financial growth. 

● Insightful step-by-step exercises that will help you BREAK FREE of old money beliefs!

● Millionaire mindset coaching questions and belief statements for you to work with in creating your NEW “money attracting” mindset!


Just a few more client raves...


"Now I don’t feel like I’m always giving away so much of my time."


“The biggest emotional thing was our first call together, realizing that I roller coaster in my finances, the way I roller coaster in some other things in my life. That was startling to realize and got me thinking.

On my business finances, Jessica helped me re-evaluate whether to continue offering two tiers of pricing. It was really helpful and I decided to go with just one pricing tier. It was a really big deal as now I don’t feel like I’m always giving away so much of my time; I feel so much better about that! In our one-on-one call during the program, Jessica helped me work through one very BIG client situation that I feeling very disempowered about. I realized I was entitled to ask for the work I had done and to not write it off ahead of time. And it all worked out well with the client!

On the personal side, since Jessica's program, I’ve been getting more vocal about talking with my husband about money and his choices. We recently had a conversation where normally he would have been defensive but he actually got it! Somehow this time I got through! He has been much more non-defensive and accessible when I’m talking about money with him now.”


Business Lawyer, Seattle area


"Thank you for seeing me and holding me as powerful….."


Diane Estrada
“Thank you for seeing me and holding me as powerful inside of our coaching conversation. You kept reminding me that there are women out there that need my coaching, my ideas and my positive perspective. You are an amazing coach.”


Diana Estrada


"Oh my goodness, every woman needs to hear what Jessica has to say!"


Lisa Fischer
“I only wish I would have understood earlier that I wasn't stupid when it came to money, I just have a unique money personality that I need to embrace and understand to be successful. Oh my goodness, everyone woman needs to hear what Jessica has to say!”


Lisa Fischer - Stylist


So what is my investment for this exciting course, you may be wondering…

While I am so confident in the high value of this program, I also want to reach as many people as possible and make it available to as many men and women as possible. 

So….. I wanted to make it really easy for you to say YES.  

I’m offering this course at a great price and even have included some great savings and payment options for you below:  

Your Investment for the Money Breakthrough Method Coaching Program is $697.



So if you’re ready to clear your money clutter, release money drama and create your new money mindset for wealth and abundance then I can’t wait to work with you!


Love and Success,




Jessica Riverson - CEO & Founder, Permission to Charge

Yes Jessica, I’m ready to create financial freedom and have a Money Breakthrough starting NOW.

I understand I will receive:   


1)  The 5 Money Modules delivered via telecourse and recorded calls.


2) A one hour 1:1 coaching session with coach Jessica Riverson 


3) Bonus items:  A set of the beautiful 5 Money Type Cards, Step-by-Step Handouts, Templates & Exercises, and the Clearing Money Clutter recorded coaching call.   




Still Not sure?  Contact me for a COMPLIMENTARY call to decide if MBM is right for you.
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