Haven’t ARRIVED yet? Stop Feeling bad about where you are vs. Where you want to Be

Challenges Ahead

In this weeks’ article we are going to dive into a common emotional state that my highly talented, goal-oriented clients often face:  Feeling really bad about not being where you want to be, YET.  Now don’t be fooled.  I even hear this from even my MOST HIGH-ACHIEVING, SUCCESSFUL  6-FIGURE clients.  It is a problem of connecting … [Read more...]

Why January Is MONEY Month

January Target

We are just 13 days into 2014.  How’s it going for you? I’m proud to say my private mentoring program is filling up fast and the energy of this time of year is something I am really monetizing right now.  What I mean is that I have a plan for 2014 and I’m working that plan.  I’m making connections, setting appointments, booking … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Give Yourself Permission to Charge and Profit for a Lifetime


In today’s article, I want to keep it short and sweet and give you 3 keys to give yourself Permission to Charge and profit for a lifetime, the foundation of my new brand and messaging. If you’ve ever struggled with under-charging, over-delivering and ultimately feeling like you’ve worked for free then take note and allow these 3 keys to … [Read more...]